Two new models from DTM (Dream Trains Models) – HO scale

Johan 001

We have been working hard at two new models, manufactured by ourselves.  The one model is the STJ rough timber wagon and the second model is the SCL open car carrier.  Below a quick glimpse at the finished STJ rough timber wagon, vacuum brakes.


Class ST wagons entered service in 1978 and are bulkhead flat wagons with four stanchion sets designed to transport rough timber.  The model should be ready and available by Monday, 5 September 2016.  Our thanks to Niel Wilson of Valley Loco Works for the drawing and design of the model.  This model will be available with Frateschi bogies (and couplers) or Athearn bogies (with Kadee couplers).

The model is primarily constructed out of acrylic, some polypropolyne plastic and the load is from real Bluegum twigs (dried for 6 months).  The load is not glued to the model and will be provided separately.  This model now has undercarriage detail and vacuum hoses from CMD models.

The SCL car carrier is shipping now and is available empty, with 8 plastic detailed cars and with 8 diecast detailed cars.

SCL4 empty

Class SC-4 (SCL-4) wagons entered service between 1978 and 1983 as open top double deck motor car transporter wagons.

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