GrassApp (v2.1) – Static grass applicator

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GrassApp (v2.1) – Static grass applicator

R 890,00

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CAUTION: This is not a toy, keep away from children.

The new updated GrassApp now has a “ring contact” for the positive electrode inside the plastic container.   The lid can be removed without any wires attached to it.

The GrassApp generates around 15kV static electricity and can give you a very mild shock. Therefore, avoid contact with the metal sieve or any metal parts on the GrassApp.

The GrassApp comes complete with a 3V to 12V DC (1 Amp) variable transformer.  The transformer needs 220V AC input.

The GrassApp also has a separate adaptor to fit a 9V battery. This product is therefore load shedding ready!

Instructions to use:

  1. Clean surface area where you want to apply the static grass.
  2. Remove the lid of the bottom of the GrassApp.
  3. Put in the appropriate amount of static grass into the container and replace the lid.
  4. Ensure the transformer is plugged in and that there is power to the GrassApp. On top of the GrassApp is an orange LED that will light up when the GrassApp is switched on.
  5. Insert a small pin (nail) roughly in the middle of the area you want to cover. The GrassApp should cover a circle with a diameter of 300 mm easily. Larger areas will need more than one pin.
  6. Apply full strength cold glue (wood glue, PVA glue) to the area you want to cover.
  7. Attach the negative terminal (black wire) to the pin.
  8. Switch on the GrassApp and gently shake it from side to side while holding it about 5 cm from the surface you want to cover. The more you shake, the denser the static grass will be.
  9. The metal sieve should NEVER touch the pin when the GrassApp is switched on. This may lead to permanent damage to your GrassApp.
  10. When you want to move the negative terminal to a new pin, first switch off the GrassApp.
  11. When finished, switch off the GrassApp, remove the black terminal from the pin and store the GrassApp.
  12. Excess static grass still in the GrassApp can be removed by hand (after switching off the GrassApp!).
  13. Allow about 15 minutes drying time before removing excess static grass from the layout.
  14. Remove the excess static grass from the layout with the aid of a small vacuum cleaner. You could also place an old stocking over the opening of the vacuum cleaner and afterwards remove the stocking to retrieve the static grass.
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