Luke Towan – Realistic Scenery Series

Remember to visit Luke’s Youtube channel and Website for more videos.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 1

In this video Luke shows the steps to creating a realistic diorama landscape next to a railroad.

These techniques can be used on your layout using similar products to create some awesome looking scenes.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 2

In this video Luke shows us the steps he follows to create a dirt road running through a beautiful landscape.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 3

Another great video from Luke Towan creating a realistic river and landscape.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 4

This video we get to learn the basics of modeling older buildings.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 5

This video is a must for modelers looking to create there own roads on there layouts.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 6

Railway crossings, asphalt roads and landscaping what more can you ask for in one video.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 7

Want to build a diorama? or just a mini scene on your layout? Then this the video for you.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 8

Modeling rivers and streams the right way.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 9

If you’ve ever wondered what a gold mine looks like from the side then this video is for you.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 10

If you’re looking for inspiration to build and design a bridge for your model railroad or for a scenery diorama then you’ve found the right video.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 11

Have you ever wondered how to model an awesome waterfall on your own layout or diorama? This tutorial will show you exactly what to do

Realistic Scenery – Volume 12

A step by step guide in creating a super realistic suburban scene with a twist in HO Scale.

Realistic Scenery – Volume 13

A complete in depth guide into building an amazing river scene that will drastically improve the detail on any model layout.


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