Marklinofsweden – Martins Town

In our search for good video tutorials, we came across Marklinofsweden.  He has quite a few videos, but we decided to start with his series videos on Martins town. One of the things that attracted us to the videos is the fact that he uses a lot of everyday items to create a stunning layout.

Video 1 is an introduction to Martins Town’s planning stage.

Video 2 focusses on track laying.

Video 3 has some excellent tips on ballasting a model train layout.

Video 4 shows how to create tunnels and terrain.

Video 5 has some interesting information on the materials used on his layout, especially the foil used to create rocks.

Video 6 shows ho to use molds to create rocks. Although Noch rubber molds are used, Woodland Scenics’ rubber molds are available from Dream Trains.

Video 7 is one of our favorites and he uses cold glue and toilet paper to create ocean waves in the harbour.

In video 8 grass and bushes are added to the layout.  Some excellent advice on using static grass.

Video 9 gives some excellent demonstration on weathering and detailing building kits. Similar street lights are available from Dream Trains.

In video 10 we go on a tour of the completed Martins Town.

Video 11 gives some solid advice on storing model trains in a wall display.

In video 12 he uses the model trains on Martins Town layout with realistic shunting. Very interesting if you want to do realistic operations on your layout.

In video 13 (although it is published as episode 14) he extends the layout tables and also add a new type of platform.