33″ Ribbed Back Wheelset – HO

R 160,00

33″ Ribbed Back Wheelset – HO

R 160,00

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Ribbed wheelsets are most commonly found on all diesel era rolling stock.

Kadee® wheel sets are manufactured to the most exacting standards and feature: RP-25 contour, non-magnetic metal wheels and insulated needlepoint axles.

Wheelset Features
• Code 110

• Accurate markings

• Incredible detail True to prototype

• Non-magnetic Metal wheels

• Smooth tracking Free rolling Contoured Insulated Axles

• RP-25 Free rolling wheels

• Needlepoint Axles

• Freight

12 sets.

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Q: Which Kadee coupler can be used to replace the coupler on this locomotive?
— Asked by Dries on April 5, 2018
A: The #5 Kadee coupler can be used. We sell a #5 Whisker coupler at R40 a pair.
— http://Wynand

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