Coconut fiber bundle – All scales

R 20,00

Coconut fiber bundle – All scales

R 20,00

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Untreated coconut fiber is used to manufacture “bottle brush” trees that can be formed into any shape required.

When untreated, the coconut fibers absorb paint and glue very well.

The fibers are also a natural brown colour and don’t have to be painted.

Fibers are 140 mm in length.

The bundles weighs around 300g and will produce a minimum of 40 trees in HO scale (70 mm high and 60 mm in diameter).

In smaller scales like Z and N, even more trees can be made out of the bundle.

The fibers can also be used to make thatched roofs for models.

We recommend Alcolin Spray Contact Adhesive to glue foliage to the fibers and Sprayon Matt Clear to seal the fibers.

Timberline Scenery (elsewhere on this website) is an excellent product to use as foliage for model trees.

The bundle contains fine dust particles (part of the manufacturing process) and wearing a mask to prevent inhalation of the dust is recommended.

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