Rotary dumper – HO

R 625,00

Rotary dumper – HO

R 625,00

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Dimensions: 119 x 107 x 111 mm

All parts of the rotary dumper are made of styrene plastic, so use only compatible paint and glue.

With careful assembly, your model can be positioned to simulate any point in the dumping process; gears and a shaft are included, which experienced modelers can combine with after-market parts for a working model.

The rotary dumper has become a key piece of machinery at many large industries like paper mills and coal burning industries.

At paper mills, these machines make short work of emptying hoppers carrying wood chips, which are processed to make pulp.

In operation, cars are shoved one at time into the machine and held in place by large L-shaped steel clamps.

Next, the entire car is turned 180° to clear its payload in a matter of seconds.

Gravity moves the chips into a dump pit, where they’re fed into a conveyor and stockpiled as needed elsewhere.

Figures, vehicles, scenery items and railroad equipment not included.

Paint and glue not included.

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— Asked by Dries on April 5, 2018
A: The #5 Kadee coupler can be used. We sell a #5 Whisker coupler at R40 a pair.
— http://Wynand

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