Wifi Package for Z21 App

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Wifi Package for Z21 App

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Wifi Package for Z21 App

Extension of the z21 start (starter sets) with access point and activation code to a network-capable central unit.

■ Easily control trains and points with your smartphone or tablet PC using the well-known Z21 app.
■ Self-explanatory control functions of your system (using icons, image integration, etc.).
■ Automate small routes.
■ Control your locomotives with photorealistic driver’s cabs for the ultimate driving experience – feel like a real train driver.
■ Sets the foundation for PC-controlled automation (e.g. with Rocrail®, iTrain®, TrainController®, etc.).

For more information click HERE !

The z21 start WLAN package includes a pre-configured router and a z21 start activation code. The z21 start accepts and processes locomotive and turnout commands via the LAN interface.

Click here for the z21 activation code

System requirements are a Windows PC or notebook and an existing internet connection (only for activating the activation code).

Please also note our information sheet and the video: Activation of the z21 start with the WLAN package

■ WLAN router
■ switched -mode power pack
■ activation code
■ operating instructions

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