XF-68 NATO Brown Acrylic Paint (Flat) 23ml – Tamiya

R 40,00

Tamiya Flat Acrylic Paint

XF-68 NATO Brown Acrylic Paint (Flat) 23ml – Tamiya

R 40,00

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Tamiya Flat Acrylic paints, like the XF-68 NATO Brown acrylic paint (flat), are made from water-soluble acrylic resins and are excellent for either brush or spray painting.  These paints can be used on styrol resins, styrofoam, wood, metal, plus all the common model plastics. Tamiya paint covers well, flows smoothly with no blushing or fading, and can be blended with ease.  Each bottle contains 23 ml of paint.

We recommend using Tamiya Acrylic Thinners when thinning the paint for air brushing.  We also recommend applying Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer to the surface before painting it with acrylic paint, especially when painting on metal surfaces.

Note: Gloss and flat refer to the different sheens available in Tamiya paint. The more sheen, the more the paint will reflect light and seem to shine. Gloss has the highest sheen, while flat has very little or no sheen.  Flat paint is also referred to as “matte” paint.

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